RAPID - Patents-News-Articles - Centredoc
RAPID - Patents-News-Articles - Centredoc  
  • Compatible with key information providers (Questel, Thomson, STN, OEB, ...)
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Access all patent information (PDF, legal status, european register,  mosaic view)
  • Order full text document
  • Create document collections
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Export data in Word, Excel, PDF, or XML
  • Patents 
  • Publications
  • Inpadoc monitoring 

Patent monitoring and more ...

RAPID is a multi-source monitoring solution to manage all the strategic information flows of your company on a single platform. A leader in patent monitoring for over ten years, RAPID now extends to news and scientific publications, covering the most demanding needs in the fields of intellectual property, technical, scientific and competitive information.



RAPID combines three monitoring modules – patents, news and articles – into a single comprehensive platform. Each of these modules draw on multiple sources in their field, and interact to deliver a complete view of all your strategic information: patents, designs, scientific publications, technical and economical information, norms, news, etc.­­ 


­RAPID offers powerful functionalities to collect, process, organize and enrich your strategic information. It provides specific tools and features for each information type, developed from the latest best practices in technology monitoring. RAPID’s intuitive interface and advanced toolsets provide a unique mix of power and ease of use. 


­RAPID allows you to easily share and distribute the results of your monitoring: create customized reports and selective alerts for specific groups and topics, allow users to comment, enrich and qualify shared intelligence. Keep close control of your information. 


Regardless of where you work, whether you’re a mobile user or not, RAPID is always available via an Internet connection. As a “SaaS” (or “Software as a Service”) tool, RAPID requires no installation and is particularly suitable for collaborative work between remote teams.  

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